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John Reay Golf Centre

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Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 Putters

We love the innovative sightlines, which really makes aiming easier to help you hole out more often.

We all have different putting strokes and address positions, and getting the set-up right is so important. Cleveland came up with this alignment feature placed at the dead centre of the ball to ensure it never moves, relative to the ball, wherever you are stood.

Features and benefits:

  • Alignment line raised to height of ball's centre at 21.35mm
  • This helps you align accurately no matter your posture
  • Milled, copper-infused face cap and copolymer insert for speed consistency
  • 3 head shapes available
  • 1.0 model is a classic blade in right and left handed models
  • 6.5 is a rounded mid mallet in right hand only
  • 8.0 is a counterbalance blade in right hand only
  • 1.0 and 6.5 come in 33, 34 and 35" lengths


  • The Oxfordshire Golf, Hotel & Spa
  • Wilson Bag Trade In - get £20 for your old bag
  • Free Golf Pride grip on your 7 iron
  • Click& Collect - Pick Up Point
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